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Introduction to the characteristics of the steel stage
- 2018-11-07-

The steel stage is a type of stage commonly used in setting up the stage. This product can be made into a stage of various sizes through its own assembly. The steel has excellent carrying capacity, which is also the guarantee of quality. For the purchaser, the quality is very important.

The most basic and important point of the steel stage is to ensure the safety of the stage actors. If it is necessary to place objects on the steel table that exceed the weight of a certain series, or when the number of participants exceeds a certain load, it is necessary to add these objects when constructing the steel table according to the actual situation of the customer. Support shelves or weights to maintain the stability of the steel frame. After the construction of the steel platform foundation, it is necessary to lay a carpet suitable for the overall environment on the surface of the stage. The style and color of the carpet can also be customized according to the specific requirements of the customer. When laying the stage carpet, you should pay attention to the seamless splicing on both sides to ensure the atmosphere of the entire stage. It is beautiful.

The steel stage is temporarily built and used by the relevant venues, so it is necessary to have a fairly high level of stability to ensure the smooth running of the stage. The use of the Leia frame guarantees the quality of the entire stage and can withstand all kinds of pressures, so the high stability also depends on the use of cast steel and press wheel connections, and then fixed by pins, so the stability is very good. The platform has a high carrying capacity and is mainly affected by the axial transmission of the rod. It can make the one-stop stage frame have solid axial shear force in three-dimensional space, high layout intensity, good stability and good disc quality. Moreover, the axes of the poles on the table are together, and the number of links is twice the number of bowl fasteners, which makes the overall stability strength 30% stronger than the bowl buckle and the stand.

The basic components of the stage itself are relatively small and simple. It is very convenient to build and save time and effort. The biggest advantage is that the function of the stage is diversified. Various stage equipment can be assembled according to specific construction requirements, including single row, double row, pillar and performance material lifting frame. You can also set the curve according to the design requirements to achieve the stage effect. More colorful. Compared with the traditional stage, the stage with good quality is most beneficial in splicing and disassembly, which not only effectively reduces the labor and personnel costs, but also effectively controls the performance time and is fully prepared for the performance. As far as the safety of the stage is concerned, although the stage structure is simple, its carrying capacity is several times that of the traditional stage structure. The gantry structure can achieve high layout strength and good overall stability in three-dimensional space, which greatly improves the stability of the gantry and is suitable for various performance occasions. use.

The steel stage is widely used in various occasions due to its advantages of ease of use and ease of installation. As long as you are ready to build a talent display platform or promotional speech, you can choose to use the background. Convenient operational procedures and perfect stage effects give users a different stage experience. People feel at ease.

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