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Basic introduction of the lighting rack
- 2018-11-07-

The lighting frame is an important support for the stage lighting arrangement. In the whole stage construction, this truss is to facilitate the installation of the lights. It is known that the stage lighting is indispensable. The truss can be used to follow the lighting, and its use is the atmosphere of the whole event. Got further sublimation.

The lighting frame is made of aluminum-wrapped round tubes or square tubes. Its cross section is 40×40com and its length is 1m, 2m and 3m. The spiral spaces can be connected to each other. It spans up to 230 meters. With excellent carrying capacity, it can be connected with various lighting and audio equipment. In order to use aluminum alloy materials with high pressure resistance and corrosion resistance, the service life is much longer than that of the iron frame. The structure of the lamp holder is divided into a base, a flip-chip, a square sleeve, a diagonal bracing, a beam, a gourd, a tie and the like. It is widely used in performance exhibitions, event celebrations, background layouts, lighting and audio suspension systems. According to the site conditions, various truss systems of different specifications can be established and can be flexibly combined according to specific requirements. Light weight, easy to build and transport, the maximum span can reach more than 30 meters, aluminum is very resistant to pressure and corrosion.

In order to pursue a perfect and beautiful stage effect, various large-scale stage activities require the use of stage trusses to build the desired shape. The stability and safety of the truss is extremely important. As a third-party certification body, it can help truss companies to strictly control truss products in the early stages of product design, ensuring that truss products meet the technical requirements of importing countries. TUV SUD evaluates the construction steel/aluminum products entering the EU market in accordance with the EU Building Product Regulation CPR Certification Harmonization Standard EN1090 and issues the TUV SUDCE label for standards-compliant products. At the same time, TUV SUD will issue a TUVSUD logo safety certificate for truss products that pass the product safety test to prove that your product is safe and can enter the international market. Trusses are commonly used in exhibitions and stage performances. Because trusses are more convenient, flexible, and safer, stage trusses have become more diverse and can be adapted to various requirements.

The light stand is one of the most widely used trusses. It has a large carrying capacity. Each section specification is fixed at 20 x 20 cm. Many trusses can be assembled and transported at will. Economical, durable and easy to assemble. It is the choice of large conference arrangements and special exhibitions. The trusses can be machined into a circular or circular arc as required. The biggest advantage of this type of truss is that it saves on transportation costs, and each truss can be folded into sheets for transport and storage. The joint is made up of square ends and has a square cross section. The trusses can be machined into a circular or circular arc as required.

In order to understand the price trend of the stage truss, it is necessary to buy from a professional manufacturer, so the reliability will be better. Therefore, how to choose is very important, its advantages will be significantly improved, and reliability will become stronger and stronger. For stage lighting equipment, we have to choose a better lighting rack. In order to get the best fixation of the stage lighting, the selection of the stage lighting frame can provide better protection and ensure that the lighting frame has a better fixing effect. In order to better display the overall performance, it is necessary to comprehensively evaluate the quality, price and market of the product, and finally determine a better product choice, so how to choose is also crucial.

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