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What is the purpose of the stage truss?
- 2018-11-15-

Stage truss is an important material in the stage construction. This truss is made of various materials. We usually have aluminum alloy, stainless steel and steel. No matter which truss is chosen, the safety is in the first place. We pay special attention to safety in the production process.

At present, stage truss materials have made great progress in the market. For example, aluminum trusses in trusses are a new material that has emerged in recent years. Due to the stability brought by its aluminum alloy material, it is not easy to rust and is very popular among consumers. Their advantages not only contribute to the stability of the illumination positioning, but also can show different lighting effects. When choosing aluminum alloy truss products, if you want to better protect the lamps and make the structural products safer and more stable, you should pay attention to the choice of materials. Among them, aluminum alloy truss products are our advantages and have very safe conditions of use.

The truss-level construction method is simple and can be erected on various terrains with strong stability. In fact, the functions and uses of trusses are different at different stages. No matter what stage the truss is correct and safe, it is the key to use. When we perform in the open air, the more common aluminum frame is actually a stage truss. At present, the widely used aluminum alloy trusses, actors, presenters and other performers are performing on the stage set up on this shelf. This is the so-called stage truss. In order to allow better interaction between the actors and the audience, the stage truss extends the stage closer to the audience. In addition to performances, the stage can be used for press conferences, cocktail parties, corporate celebrations, fraternities, receptions, company annual meetings, and more. The truss stage has a wide range of uses.

The stage truss has many specifications, convenient installation, convenient assembly and disassembly, and convenient transportation. Therefore, for those who need to buy trusses, it is best to buy some better trusses, which are not only safe and reliable, but also can be reused many times, and the cost is low. Merchants should select the appropriate stage trusses according to the size they need to use, and contact the regular stage truss manufacturers as much as possible so that they can purchase stage trusses with satisfaction and ideality. The effective use of stage trusses is to ensure that we choose the safety of life. Its use is mainly due to the protection of personal safety.

In the stage truss construction process, the first problem to be solved is the site problem. Compared with indoors, outdoor stage truss construction needs to pay attention to the flatness of the site and whether there are a large number of audience gathering places in the event site. In addition, during the construction process, the equipment and components required for the installation process should be prepared in advance, and the stage effect should be planned according to the theme of the exhibition to ensure that all preparations are safe. Secondly, the environment of the truss must be determined before construction, including the length of the truss, the length of the truss, and the length of the truss. Confirm the frame size of the truss. If it is too high and not suitable for truss, it will be a waste of time.


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