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Advantages of the aluminum alloy stage
- 2018-11-07-

The aluminum alloy stage is an important part of the stage construction. This product is made of high-strength aluminum alloy and can withstand a lot of weight without deformation. This guarantees the safety of the event, which is also the main reason for the company when purchasing. considerate.

The high-quality aluminum alloy stage is very special in material selection. The stage board uses high-quality multi-layer board as the stage board surface, which has good strength and toughness, and also has excellent waterproof and anti-skid functions as a stage board. In addition, the first-grade aluminum alloy bench is made of high-quality aluminum alloy pipe with thick wall and galvanized surface. The aluminum alloy frame is beautiful in appearance and can be connected in multiple directions without additional use. The aluminum alloy frame of the square head is an important part of the aluminum alloy stage. The top aluminum alloy table will weld the various sides of the aluminum alloy frame, making the aluminum alloy table more robust and reliable than other common platforms on the market.

The aluminum alloy stage is made of an aluminum alloy material that meets various strength standards. Although the same as aluminum alloy, each type has different characteristics, and some of them are light in quality under the premise of ensuring strength. In addition, the size of the high-quality aluminum alloy stage is also very strict, it does not appear too large or too thin, to meet the stage of the use of the environment. Second, it is a high-quality hot-pressed sheet. In addition to the characteristics of high strength and good toughness. It has the characteristics of super waterproof, anti-corrosion, anti-mite, anti-aging and no moisture. If you put a red carpet on the stage board, it will look beautiful and the atmosphere is good. In addition, the aluminum alloy workbench usually uses special molds, each part has been designed and calculated strictly and precisely, and its details are particularly outstanding. Advanced construction methods are used to make the stage more stable and avoid collapse. Moreover, it is in line with the convenience of disassembly and assembly of the stage, and the space occupied during storage is not large and difficult to store.

In fact, when selecting the aluminum alloy stage, the focus is mainly on the aluminum alloy. The industry has begun to increase the requirements for aluminum alloy applications due to safety requirements. The composition or temperature of the aluminum alloy is generally insufficient. Research on the expertise of aluminum alloy welding is also getting deeper and deeper. Pure aluminum has high plasticity and strong corrosion resistance, but its strength is very low and it is not suitable for materials. Later, after a long period of research, people found a way to improve the efficiency and efficiency of aluminum, that is, clever use of high temperature heating, continuous addition of alloying elements, along with the heating process, to obtain a part of the various components of the aluminum alloy. The invention not only maintains the original advantages of pure aluminum, but also improves the strength of the aluminum alloy. Synthetic aluminum is an important industrial method. In this way, the key to choosing a good aluminum step is whether the aluminum alloy of the step structure has high quality.

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