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What is the main role of the lighting rack?
- 2018-11-07-

The lighting frame is an indispensable equipment in the stage construction work, and it is an important foundation for installing stage lighting. When we choose the truss, we must mainly focus on its quality, which is related to the safety of the entire event.

At present, the lighting frame on the market is a large-scale product, which can meet the requirements of large-scale stage construction in use, but the collection of the lamp holder after use has certain difficulties. In the future, the industry will gradually adopt acceptable materials to build the lamp holder. A good lamp holder manufacturer will realize the folding of the finished product. After the construction and use, the size can be reduced and the transportation can be facilitated only by simple folding. The lighting frame only plays the role of architectural lighting effect in use. In the future development, the lighting frame will also play an important role in the stage setting. Therefore, in order to ensure the unification of the stage set effect, the development of the future light stand will design more styles to meet the different styles of the stage set. Building effects, this is also one of the inevitable trends in the future lighting industry.

The light stand is a 1 meter long truss with a loose-leaf connection in the middle and the upper part can be rotated 180 degrees along the connecting axis. The role of the reverse is to facilitate the installation of the truss truss. If there is no opposite end, then assembling each node of the pilaster frame with the help of ladders and other tools would be very cumbersome. The reverse end is very simple and convenient. Only the aluminum alloy light frame is flat. The parts are connected, and then one end of the aluminum alloy socket and the other end of the back are connected together. The bottom end is reinforced and fixed to the base. The last few people can nail the column trusses together, as long as they work together, this is very labor-saving.

Since the truss is mainly used to form a stage performance with the stage truss, in order to ensure the safety of the stage scene, attention should be paid to the raw materials and weight when selecting the lamp holder. For example, a lamp holder made of an aluminum alloy has better bending resistance and performance. And has a certain weight advantage. Pay attention to the state of processing. In order to effectively prevent the lamp holder from rusting, the manufacturer usually coats the lamp holder with a protective layer, and at the same time adopts a better welding process to ensure that the welded portion of the lamp holder is seamless and smooth, so that people can fully protect. The lamp holder is when selecting a quality lamp holder. The processing status of the lightweight frame is identified by painting and welding quality.

The main function of the lighting frame is actually to support some heavy headlights, so the rationality and robustness of the structure is undoubtedly crucial. Therefore, when purchasing such a lamp holder product, it is necessary to observe the robustness of each welded joint, especially the stability of the entire structure. In general, high-performance, cost-effective products must have the advantages of reliable quality and competitive price. Therefore, people need to pay special attention to light shelves with high selectivity and price ratio. In this regard, it also shows that when judging the price/performance ratio of the product, it is better to be able to choose a more favorable price for the same quality and material quality of the lamp holder.

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