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Precautions for installation and construction of steel trusses
- 2018-11-22-

Steel trusses are mainly used for the construction of the stage. When installing steel trusses, you need to pay attention to the quality of the entire steel truss. The steel truss must be inspected before installation. It is necessary to ensure that there will be no problems during the installation process.

The assembly of steel truss should be carried out on the tire frame. The accuracy of the tire frame is the key to ensure the accuracy of assembling. The arrangement of the assembled tire frame must be relative position staking through the computer, and the relative position of each support control point of the composite tire frame is determined. The assembly is started only after it is correct. The length and position of the assembled rods must be considered in advance for the amount of weld shrinkage. The design of the tire frame should consider the adjustment mechanism to ensure a certain precise positioning and adjustment ability, and strictly control the accuracy of the assembly process according to the standard specifications. When assembling construction, it should be checked in real time, the conformity of the intersecting surfaces of each intersecting node, the offset of each rod axis at the joint, the welding operation space, the review of the number of each member, the rationality of the set of the tire frame, and the key measurement of the truss The location size of each node.

It is necessary to detect the elevation position and horizontal projection length of the steel truss node, the bending value of the truss side, and adjust the over-offset size in time to avoid or eliminate excessive cumulative error. After self-inspection, it will be submitted for inspection and hoisting. The pipe chord shall be reinforced at the section of the truss chord to avoid damage and deformation during transportation, and the accuracy of the interface must be ensured to avoid staggering. A guide plate is arranged at the butt joint of the nozzle to facilitate accurate alignment of the nozzle, and a smooth transition is required after the joint welding is completed. Before hoisting, the top surface of the foundation should be popped up with the positioning control line and the elevation control line. Check whether the position of the basic embedded bolt and the position of the bolt hole on each connecting piece match. Remove debris and oil from bolts and pre-embedded iron.

For the construction of steel truss structure, the column, inter-column support and crane beam are generally hoisted by single-piece flow method. The column can be installed and calibrated at one time before installing the inter-column support, crane beam and other components. This method is especially suitable for moving crawler cranes that are more convenient. For the case of a car type crane, the inter-section member can be mounted in one unit from 2 to 3 axes in consideration of the inconvenience of movement. The lateral stability of the steel truss is poor, so it is necessary to carry out the combined hoisting after the expansion of the condition, that is, the two trusses and the sunroof frame, the purlins and the support on the ground are assembled into a whole on the ground. Hoisting, which not only improves work efficiency, but also improves lifting stability. All the support of the sunroof frame (including vertical support, winding support, upper gear, side plate) should be hoisted at the same time as the sunroof frame, and should not be left to be replenished at the back. Pay special attention to ensure that the first two 榀 (the inter-section with vertical support) the sunroof frame The quality of the installation.


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