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Features of the Truss stand
- 2018-11-20-

The truss rack is a product used to build the stage. The truss frame is very important for a stage. The truss frame can make the whole stage stable and beautiful, and it is an indispensable product for the stage construction.

The truss frame is a flat or spatial structure. The square pipe or the circular pipe is used as the main pipe. According to the load-bearing needs, a certain number of sub-pipes and inclined pipes are added. It is often used for activities, background construction of performance stage, lighting and sound suspension or The outdoor booth opening ceremony was built, and the performance characteristics of the aluminum alloy allowed the truss frame to be well displayed in terms of weight, load bearing and stability. The Truss frame is also known as the truss, aluminum frame, stage frame, lighting stand, etc. According to the site, various truss systems of different sizes, large and medium-sized can be built, and flexible combinations can be made according to specific requirements.

The truss frame is light in weight, easy to set up and transport, light and easy to set up and transport. The span can reach more than 30 meters, and the aluminum material has strong anti-pressure and anti-corrosion durability. The truss frame is an indispensable professional equipment for the construction of the stand. It has the advantages of light weight, strong load-bearing capacity, neat appearance and so on. The stand constructed with truss frame is beautiful and strong, and the truss frame is matched with well-designed publicity pictures and light and dark. Achieving the lighting will definitely make your booth stand out at the show and win customers. When the truss frame is evenly distributed along the span, the axial force on the lower chord is larger at the end point and gradually decreases the cross section; the axial force is opposite to the web. The triangular truss is a roof tile due to the large internal difference of the chord and the unreasonable material consumption. Compared with the triangular truss, the force of the components is improved, and it is easier for the roof to meet the technical requirements of some industrial plants.

The trapezoidal truss of the upper and lower chords of the truss frame is a parallel parallel chord. The stress of the members is slightly trapezoidal, but the type of the web is greatly reduced, which is a bridge and a trestle. Polygonal trusses, also known as polygonal trusses. The nodes are located in two parabolic lines, such as curved arched windings that can reduce the inter-node loads more complex, but manufacturing. In the case of uniform load, bending moment diagram, truss beam and other similar chord axial force distribution, small abdominal force, material, etc., it is a common truss form in engineering. Take the basic truss, truss polygonal shape, and the node winding between the straight lines, not only for diagonal brackets, vertical and upper and lower chord connections. The axial force distribution of the rod is similar to that of the polygonal truss, but the bending moment of the rod is larger under the asymmetric load. The utility model has the advantages that the node has few intersection points and the construction is convenient.


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