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Introduction to the characteristics of aluminum alloy trusses
- 2018-11-07-

Aluminum alloy truss is a commonly used material in stage trusses. Aluminum alloy has good corrosion resistance and aesthetics, and has obvious advantages in strength. The use of aluminum alloy truss has become the main way of truss merchants. Use to make our stage construction more convenient.

Aluminum alloy trusses are also called aluminum alloy lamp holders, trusses, truss frames, and space frames. The main components are as follows: 6061-T6 or 6082-T6, 3mm round aluminum, 10mm thick triangular aluminum plate and end ring. The main diameter is 50mm, the wall thickness is 3mm, and the sub-tube 50mm is the most commonly used specification. Aluminum truss is a system widely used in performances, exhibitions, events, backgrounds, lighting, audio lifting and other fields. According to the setting environment and site factors, stage lamp holder systems of various specifications can be established, and flexible lamp holder combinations can be made according to specific requirements. It is bolted and constructed with light weight, convenient construction and convenient transportation. The maximum span (Max) can reach more than 30 meters, and it is resistant to aluminum corrosion and durability. Compared with the grid structure, the truss structure has unique advantages and practicability, and is economically cheaper.

The aluminum alloy truss is made of aluminum alloy and has good corrosion resistance. It can be used safely in about 10 years. Especially in this process, if we can do the repair work, we can extend the use time. In the specific selection of this product, we have to see if the welding plug is not good or easy to replace. this is very important. If the welding is not good, the hand will be strong and it is very dangerous. Checking the good condition and the purchased product have better quality assurance can guarantee. Use security. Aluminum truss is suitable for construction. It is best to choose a better website. Care should be taken to reduce the occurrence of contact and corrosion with acidic chemicals. Always check and use the problem as soon as possible. Don't regret it, don't check it unless the problem arises.

The aluminum alloy truss is made of high quality environmental protection, corrosion resistance, strong load bearing capacity and high compressive strength. It goes without saying that the properties of aluminium alloys are made of materials used in the aerospace, automotive and aerospace sectors. Safety is guaranteed! Whether it's a large stand or a small stage, the aluminum truss guarantees perfect performance. Through our superb craftsmanship, the proportion of aluminum trusses that are not easily deformed is increased. Henghua supplies a variety of aluminum alloy trusses with round and square sizes. The principle of maximum four-point support force is adopted to increase the bearing capacity and increase the safety factor by several percentage points.

The aluminum alloy stage truss can be assembled arbitrarily and the stage background is integrated. No matter whether the wind is strong or the wind is small, it will not be separated and disintegrated. The aluminum alloy stage truss is practical and cost-effective, and is not subject to the geographical environment and can be debugged. It has many advantages and is very popular. In the aluminum alloy truss structure, the stress of each member is uniaxially stretched and compressed. Can it adapt to the distribution of bending moments and shear forces in the structure? We can directly understand the distribution and transmission of forces to facilitate structural changes and combinations. When using an aluminum alloy truss, ensure that its durability is stable to avoid collapse of the building due to sudden changes in the form of balance. The aluminum alloy truss structure is flexible in layout and has been widely used in development.

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