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Basic characteristics of the rey
- 2018-11-07-

The Rey is also a kind of stage truss. It plays an important role in the stage construction. This frame is suitable for installing stage lighting and sound. It is suitable for large stage construction. Its use provides us with stage activities. More possibilities.

The main features of the rey rack are convenient transportation, safe, light, clean and beautiful. The pull frame produced by our company does not need spare parts. The octagonal disc joint is used to connect the crossbar and the diagonal pull rod. The installation speed is more than 50% faster than other support frames. The Raya frame uses two force rods, and the transmission path is simple, clear and reasonable. The rear frame has a wide range of applications, including stages, lightweight frames, background frames and scaffolding. The main frame of the mine frame includes: column, cross bar and diagonal bar, and is equipped with an adjustment base. The column is 2 m/root and the price is calculated by root. Various sizes can be made according to customer requirements, and can also be used for shelf mounting.

In addition to the special non-deformable materials and impact resistance, the combined frame will be more stable and will not be affected by any other weather or human factors. Due to the ease of installation and removal, users are willing to choose to use them. In addition, it can be freely constructed according to different field shapes without any shape restrictions, such as triangles or trapezoids and polygons. Use the rear frame to build and install the stage faster. The entire construction process is simple and easy to operate. It only needs to connect or repair related parts. As a result, a large amount of installation and disassembly time can be saved, which is particularly suitable for various temporary stages of construction. The rear frame can be used for stage construction and lighting rack use or stage background rack construction, so it is conceivable that the stability of the stage can be used for the safest range of use, so users can more guarantee the use of the stage without worrying about the stage shaking or Collapse or light bulb. UBE light source falling off and other accidents. Things have happened.

When the stage truss needs to be assembled at a high altitude, it is necessary to erect the carrying bracket and use the bowl-shaped scaffolding. During the assembly process, the entire process is tracked and measured based on a set of measurement markers. During the entire installation process of the secondary truss, due to the uneven settlement of the support frames, technical measures for tracking and measurement must be carefully formulated during the step-by-step installation. During installation, the verticality of the stage truss must also be effectively controlled. Generally, the verticality of the steel truss is controlled by the verticality of the segmented high-altitude docking, and the three-point linear positioning measurement control method is adopted to make the verticality of the stage truss reach the standard.

The rey frame enables the entire stage frame to be in a three-dimensional space with high layout strength, good stability, strong axial shear force, and the axes of the rods intersect at a point. The number of connecting bars is twice the number of bowl buckle connections. The overall stability of the bowl buckle and the stage frame is 20% higher than the bowl buckle joint. From the advantages of convenient disassembly and assembly, adapting to the stage, saving time, reducing cost, and being durable, the background is indeed a person with such high cost performance. In addition, people can also learn about the entertainment industry through the stage. It can be said that the stage has created a good platform for people.

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