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Basic overview of steel trusses
- 2018-11-07-

The steel truss is a kind of material in the stage truss. Its main material is steel. The truss is made of steel. It has great strength in strength, which can ensure the safety of truss construction. However, steel and aluminum alloy are easier to compare. Rusting, so be sure to pay attention to maintenance work.

Steel trusses are an important part of the stage. Many times, in order to ensure the safety of the performers and the quality of the stage construction, the quality of the steel trusses is very important in the construction of the stage. How to choose a steel truss can make the stage more stable and avoid the recurrence of the performance process. Unnecessary damage, so I should pay more attention to the use of steel trusses, support methods and materials, and all aspects of construction conditions should be carefully considered. At present, steel trusses and stage construction equipment are the most popular, mainly because steel trusses play a role in stabilizing and supporting the various stages. effect.

Steel trusses are usually made of high-quality steel in the production process, and sea oil has good corrosion resistance during use. Through the setup phase, you can exert good seismic performance and experience it well during use. When using steel trusses, it has good compressive strength and bending strength. With a simple structure, it cannot use a gusset. It can be stronger by using the advantages of the material. Mainly the appearance of the steel truss has a certain decorative effect. It looks beautiful, it is architectural dance. Installation and lifting are very easy when making the stage. The professional steel truss is welded by hot dip galvanized pipe, which has good anti-rust and anti-corrosion functions. Combined with the scientific principle of triangular stability, the reinforcement of the intermediate structure of the truss makes the entire truss structure more reliable and stable. This steel truss can not only build a stage or canopy, but is also effective. The fruit is of good quality and has a high safety factor. The best-selling steel trusses not only meet the durability and stability of materials and structures, but also design efficient and simple operation during installation and use. The first-grade steel truss adopts the form of self-joining nodes, which makes the assembly, construction and splicing process of the truss simple and fast, without using other nodes. Saves material and eliminates the inconvenience of the installation process. Therefore, the installation efficiency of high quality steel trusses is very high.

Some construction units neglect the entry and daily cleaning and maintenance of steel trusses in daily use. If surface dust or other corrosive substances accumulate in the air for a long time, dirt will form on the surface of the steel truss. Corrosion of steel truss materials in a short period of time not only makes them tarnished, but may also affect their safety, especially in corrosive areas or areas with excessive humidity. Regularly clean to prevent the formation of dirt.

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