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Lighting rack selection skills
- 2018-11-07-

The role of the lighting frame on the stage is crucial. Its quality problem is the first consideration when choosing. In the whole stage support, the safety of the truss is an important factor affecting the normal holding of the activity, so it must be wiped when selecting. Bright eyes.

The lighting display equipment not only helps to improve the performance of the performance, but also enhances the attraction of the audience, and also has an important impact on the quality of the stage construction and the safety of personnel. Therefore, when purchasing a light stand, the purchaser must choose a high-quality and durable light stand to ensure the safety of the entire stage. The high reliability of lightweight frames has always been a key concern for designers. Because only the stability of the product is guaranteed to ensure the safety of use. Therefore, the details of the product design must be taken into account when selecting and inspecting the quality of the materials used (in accordance with national standards), the safety of the frame connections (bolted) and the design of the connecting parts.

The first step in the installation of the light stand is to place the base, lay four bases on the ground according to the approximate position, and insert the part for the oblique support from the outside after the base is placed. The insertion portion is called the counter head, and the reverse head needs to be screwed to the base. The second step in the lightweight frame is the assembly of square sleeves and beams. The square sleeve needs to be installed on the opposite side of the step. After installing the square sleeve, the beam needs to be connected, and both ends of the beam and the sides of the square sleeve need to be connected. Therefore, the upper part of the beam is mounted. The third step of the lightweight frame structure is the uprights, which need to be connected by a flat column truss. When the connection is completed, one end is twisted at the rear end and the other end is twisted on the crossbar. When the crossbar is twisted, the crossbar and the hanging hoist should be closely connected. The purpose of the suspension crane is to raise the lower beam truss. More than one person needs to work together and slowly erect the column truss, taking care not to push the column down with too much force. Finally, the screws on the inverted head need to be fixed.

The light stand consists of high quality aluminum profiles. It is sturdy, safe, lightweight, corrosion resistant and has a long service life. There is an advanced sandwich panel in the middle. In addition to storing some impurities, it also has the advantages of high strength, pressure resistance, extrusion resistance, waterproof and sun protection. The scaffolding feet are coated with a layer of wear-resistant PVC plastic, which is not only beautiful, but also protects the scaffolding feet from accumulated water for a long time. In addition, the sliding surface design prevents the headlights from slipping. The lightweight frame has a simple structure and is easy to assemble and disassemble. It is basically assembled and disassembled by the sleeve. It rarely uses extra parts such as bolts and nuts. It is the best product for indoor and outdoor exhibitions. After disassembly and assembly, the frame is small in size and easy to transport and store. During transportation, it is not easily deformed due to its high strength. In addition, since the structure adopted is a unit combination structure, it can be freely constructed according to the size of the site or the partition, and has great flexibility and mobility.

Quality and safety are an eternal topic. When identifying the quality of the light stand, pay attention to the material and welding process. Usually find some heavy objects to test their carrying capacity. In general, their quality can be seen without distortion. These carefully selected lamp holders are guaranteed in terms of pressure, the welding points are even and complete, no leakage, and the welds are obvious, ensuring stable and reliable quality. When selecting a lamp holder, the external color and coating thickness must be observed. When selecting and manufacturing, you should carefully observe whether the external color has obvious scratches. Usually, it should be smooth and shiny. In addition, the coating thickness is too thin, affecting the life of the coating, need to pay attention. These lightweight frames with guaranteed quality are very good in this area, such as these external colors and coating thickness, not to worry.

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