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Basic knowledge of the Truss rack
- 2018-11-07-

The truss frame is one of the stage trusses. It has an important supporting role in the entire stage. It is a bracket for many stage equipment installations. This product has a large span and is also very strong. It is for those who need trusses. One of the good choices.

The truss frame is also known as the space truss. Aluminum alloy material, plane or space structure frame, generally square column type, featuring light weight, high load carrying capacity, easy splicing and adjustment. Mainly used for the installation of large, large-span exhibition sheds or heavy-duty activities. The lifting structure can be used to adjust the overall height of the frame. Suitable for large-scale exhibitions, performances, outdoor temporary booths, speaker suspension, lighting or stage equipment suspension and background skeleton construction.

When the load is evenly distributed along the span, the axial force of the lower chord is the largest at the end and the cross section is gradually reduced; due to the large internal difference of the chord member, the material consumption of the three truss is unreasonable. Compared with the triangular truss, the stress state of the component is improved, making it easier for the roof to meet the process requirements of some industrial plants. The upper and lower chord trapezoidal trusses are parallel parallel chords. The force of the member is slightly worse than the trapezoidal truss, but the web type is greatly reduced. They are bridges and trestles. Polygonal trusses are also known as polyline trusses. The nodes are located in two parabolas, such as arcuate arched windings, which reduces the load between the nodes, but is more complicated to manufacture. In terms of uniform load, bending moment diagram, truss beam and other similar peg axial force distribution, small web axial force, material, etc. are common forms of engineering trusses.

The truss frame is widely used in various activities, quick disassembly and assembly, and convenient transportation, so many companies are very favorite products. In general, when setting up the stage, different truss sizes should be selected according to the site. People usually divide the size of the truss into three sizes: small, medium, and large. Therefore, for the person in charge of the stage construction, it is best to know the size of the selected truss frame in advance to master the dance. Arrangement between Taiwan and the venue. The open-air truss truss structure is different from the indoor truss structure. The influence of operating platforms, weather, temperature, welding materials, welding equipment and construction sites is also increasing, and factors need to be considered. In the truss frame segment assembly, the installation sequence, docking, welding quality, deformation control, horizontal elevation, shape size control, and verticality control are also prominent. Considering various factors, it is most reasonable to choose the truss ground installation and high-altitude segmentation installation. Unlike ground assembly, high-altitude bulk assemblies operate under poor conditions. In the high-altitude docking process, construction safety and the control of the horizontal, vertical and welding quality of the truss are very difficult.

The truss frame is an indispensable professional equipment for booth construction. It has the advantages of lightness, strong carrying capacity, neat appearance and so on. The truss booth is beautiful and generous. At the same time, the well-designed posters and light and dark lights on the truss stand out to make your booth stand out in the exhibition. Win customers.

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