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Introduction to the characteristics of stage trusses
- 2018-11-07-

The stage truss is mainly used for the construction of the stage. In the whole stage, the truss plays an important supporting work. In the large stage, it can provide installation space for the lighting and sound. During the production process, the safety of the product should be paid attention to. This is in the first place.

Nowadays, with the continuous development of the social economy, more and more cultural activities, as well as the propaganda and publicity activities of businessmen. In some activities, especially in recreational activities, stage trusses have an irreplaceable role in their applications. Build a unique safety design stage that not only provides a platform for a variety of performances or merchandise exhibitions, but also enhances the activity with exquisite design to enhance the icing on the cake. It can be seen that the stage truss construction not only has to build a platform, but also considers many factors in combination with the design of the activity itself.

The stage truss construction method is simple, can be erected on various terrains, and has strong stability. In fact, the functions and uses of trusses are different at different stages. No matter what stage the truss is correct and safe, it is the key to use. When we perform in the open air, the more common aluminum frame is actually a stage truss. At present, the widely used aluminum alloy trusses, actors, presenters and other performers are performing on the stage set up on this shelf. This is the so-called stage truss. In order to allow better interaction between the actors and the audience, the stage truss extends the stage closer to the audience. In addition to performances, the stage can be used for press conferences, cocktail parties, corporate celebrations, fraternities, receptions, company annual meetings, and more. The truss stage has a wide range of uses.

Before construction, the environment of the truss construction site should be determined, including the length of the construction phase, the length of the truss and the length of the construction phase. This is the key to the construction. Confirm the frame size of the truss. If it is too high and not suitable for truss, it will be a waste of time. Finally, the safety of the stage trusses must be guaranteed. We recommend that strict installation and use standards be established in advance to avoid unnecessary trouble later. The truss design requirements are as follows: meet the requirements of the bar; have a good connection, including rivets, pins and welds. These relate to the type of truss, the size and material of the shank, but first the static analysis. The advantage of the truss is that the components are mainly subjected to tensile force or pressure, which can fully exert the effect of the material, save materials and reduce the structural weight. Commonly used are steel trusses, reinforced concrete trusses, prestressed concrete trusses, wooden trusses, steel-wood composite trusses, steel concrete composite trusses.

The stage truss is lightweight, sturdy and durable. In addition, you can also paint black, red, green and brown colors. It can be assembled into any length and shape. It can be used for the display and display of clothing and other goods, decoration of hotel lobby, bar and shopping mall. It can also be hung under the ceiling to hang small lights such as PAR lights, strobe lights, and advertising lights. High-quality lamps; these lamps can also be used as panning lamps, suitable for indoor and outdoor etiquette celebrations and small and medium-sized mobile performances, as well as for large-scale mobile concerts. The stage lamp holder is made of high-strength aluminum alloy and is mainly used for performance chandeliers. There are eight threaded connection holes on each side of the lamp holder, which can be connected to the screw socket. Square heads are usually used at the corners of the exhibition hall. All foreign goods are packed in bubble bags. The crossbar is screwed onto the top of the column's lightweight frame to connect the fixtures used in the crane. The crossbar is used to withstand all forces, so the material of the beam must be strong and durable.

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