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Aluminum truss

Aluminum truss

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The aluminum alloy truss is suitable for all kinds of large-scale mobile performances, product promotion exhibitions, large-scale exhibition tents, temporary lighting and audio racks. When used alone, it can carry light, sound and other equipment. By sequentially establishing the projection balance equations of the nodes of the aluminum alloy truss, the balance of each node can be obtained. This method is called the nodal method and is best suited for simple trusses. The force characteristic is the distribution of internal forces as long as there is no axial force of bending moment and shear force. This force characteristic reflects the main factors of the actual layout, while the axial force is the main internal force of the truss. It also has a small effect on the axial force, called the secondary internal force.

The aluminum alloy truss is welded with high-strength aluminum alloy material 6061-T6 or 6082-T6, because aluminum itself is a kind of more active metal component, which is easy to react with external acid-base chemical reaction. If it is in water for a long time, aluminum component will also be react. R to provide the performance of an aluminum alloy truss. Stability, Yaona stage technicians improve their acid and alkali resistance, aluminum alloy truss oxidation treatment, the surface is attached to an oxide film to prevent external materials from corroding aluminum alloy trusses. In order to overcome the defects of aluminum alloy surface hardness and wear resistance and prolong its service life, surface treatment technology has become an indispensable part of aluminum alloy application. Compared with the traditional stage building materials iron truss. It has excellent corrosion resistance and its service life is much longer than that of iron frame.

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