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Aluminum alloy stage

Aluminum alloy stage

Product Details

The aluminum alloy stage consists of a stage plate, a column, a telescopic tube, an adjustable base and an octagonal insert. The columns and supports in each stage and adjacent stages are shared, so the connection is a strong whole. The aluminum alloy stage frame consists of a film or tempered glass, a multi-layer plywood and an aluminum frame. Has good anti-slip, waterproof, flame retardant, wear-resistant, no damage, decorative and so on. The aluminum alloy stage frame is made of high-hardness aluminum alloy material with firm structure and beautiful appearance. Phase phase, phase phase, phase phase and phase phase.

Adjustable height: The adjustment base has two height adjustment ranges, 35 cm and 60 cm. The company's height range is 60cm-1.1m and 80cm-1.3m, and can be customized according to customer requirements. The adjustable height also makes the quick loading table solve the problems of uneven ground and high and low stairs. The adjustment principle is similar to the adjustment principle of the scaffolding, but the adjustment knob is reinforced, thicker than the scaffolding adjustment knob, and has a larger drop. The advertising capacity and performance, the booth set the ideal equipment for the stage.

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