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Steel stage

Steel stage

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Features of the steel stage : convenient and fast, no position, cheap price, novel style, stable and beautiful structure, widely used at present, price concessions! If you book a lot of prices, you can apply for a discount. The height of the stage can be customized between 30 and 40. The surface of the stage is covered with a red 5mm carpet. The edge of the stage is made of steel and is beautiful. Recently, this stage has been popular in the national wedding industry because of its small size, fast folding, and convenience. Stability is very stable and so on. The price is very high, and the price is calculated in blocks (sheets). Compared with the traditional large assembly platform, the cost is greatly reduced, the transportation is convenient, the construction speed is fast, and the folding table principle is very simple. The elastic telescopic tube has folding legs in the middle of the column, and the expansion tube can be installed. The pins can be used, the overall structure is perfect and the quality is high. After the completion of the folding performance, the legs can be naturally folded into the legs.

1.22 meters x 1.22 meters. The stage board is made of plywood, double layer and waterproof board. The support material of the stage frame is the national standard steel, and the diagonal bracing is galvanized steel pipe. The stage of the company is assembled stage, flexible in disassembly and assembly, height can be evenly adjusted, quick installation and disassembly, convenient transportation and so on. O is called the fast loading phase, and the stage point height is 0.6 m 1.1 m and 0.8 m 1.3 m. Adjustable range: 0.6m - 0.9m, 0.6m - 1.1m, 0.8m - 1.1m, 0.8m - 1.3m. The worktable can adjust the height of the 38mm solid steel, adjust the screws, and evenly adjust the height evenly, which largely solves the problem of unevenness of the ground. It is ideal for large outdoor buildings.

The steel stage can withstand 300 kilograms per square meter: the size required for free assembly, easy to install, and the truss is square and threaded. Suitable for the environment: indoor setting background board, outdoor setting special background board, exhibition tent building, exhibition building, etc. Suitable for projects: advertising company / performance company / conference company / celebration company / exhibition special clothing / exhibition hall architecture / conference / performance stage / promotion / celebration / outdoor / conference / exhibition guide / outdoor tent construction.

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