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Stage truss

Stage truss

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The stage truss is mainly used to support the stage. Its design has passed the professional mechanical test, and its load-bearing structure is very reasonable, so the stage has high stability. Its application facilitates the setting of the stage for the temporary performance. It can set different stages according to the specific conditions of the site, such as the size and shape of the site, which greatly facilitates the organizers of the event. At the same time, its stability is very good, do not have to worry about the impact of violent dance on its sturdiness. .

As a truss, the stage truss can be said to be very beautiful. Only in this way can we distinguish ourselves from other trusses and use them in our daily lives without invading or feeling on the stage. Its role is mainly based on the different characteristics of the product. Due to the carrying capacity on the platform, we can analyze the mechanical structure of the product during the continuous deformation process, and the main structure of the product leads to a significant increase in its carrying capacity, ensuring that a series of impacts in our lives are reflected.

In the construction process of the truss, the first problem to be solved is the site problem. Construction with indoor and outdoor stage trusses requires attention to the level of the ground and whether there is a large gathering of spectators. In addition, during the construction process, equipment and accessories need to be prepared in advance during the installation process, and combined with the theme of the exhibition stage effect, to prepare all risks. Secondly, it is very important to determine the truss setting before construction, mainly including the length of the stage, the length and length of the truss. Confirm the frame size of the truss. If it is too high and not suitable for truss, it will be a waste of time.

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